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This blog was created by Marlia Fransiska on February 2013. Sequin & Velvet blog is where the author shares her daily random story and expresses her personal style. Sequin & Velvet means a lot to the author because here she can post anything she likes.

Marlia Fransiska

Hello there!
My name is Marlia Fransiska. I have a twin, her name is Marie Anne. We were born in Pontianak, August 6th, 1993. Currently I live in Yogyakarta to pursue my dreams. I have been living in here for 6 years and half. I am passionate in fashion and entrepreneurship. I f someone asks me about how my life will be in ten years, I will tell them that I will be an entrepreneur who runs a fashion business. Even my major and my interest are quite different, I can’t, even for a second, not to think about my dream to open up and run my own clothing line.

I love taking OOTD and love shopping at thrifted store. Mostly my fashion stuffs aren't branded. I wear something I can afford. I love fashion but I don't want to push myself too hard to get such a branded stuffs since I am only a student.  In my leisure time, I love to listen to the music and to read a good book. I used to read a book everyday when I was an elementary school student. I really love reading that much.

I have suffered from ASD (Atrium Sentral Defect) when there is a hole in my heart. For my goodness I had to undergo an open heart surgery and I thank God million times because I could pass through the scariest moment in my life. It was the miracle. Now, I am active to encourage young people who are also have ASD and in the near future must undergo the open heart surgery. I love doing it because I can meet with new amazing people who are struggling to be healthy as well. They are just so inspiring. It keeps remind me to be grateful everyday.

I am pleased to hear your story too. Let's get closer to each other.

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