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Jun 9, 2018

Twin's Summer Dress

I have so many photos to upload on my blog. I just finished editing them, I feel like I have no time to sort them out and edit them right away. Right now I'm still figuring out how to edit my photo so it looks 'the same' just like any other people and which kind of filter I will stick with. I have been using Snapseed and A Color Story to edit my photo lately. These photos here are the example. I changed my photo completely to whole new look. I used to edit my photo to look more vibrant which consists of pop of color and cooler tone and now the other way around, it looks more muted and warmer kind of tone. What do you think about it?
These picture were taken by my lovely sweetheart. She was my desk mate in high school. I hadn't met her for a year I think. I finally reunited with her. Lucky me I could meet her because I was about to go back to Yogyakarta that day. It's really an adult thing, you only meet your friend once or twice a year because life is funny just like that.

Anyway, here I am wearing my twin's dress. It was because I packed all my stuff and I had nothing to wear. The perks of being a twin I suppose. We have similar figure so we often borrow each other's stuff. I don't have so many dresses, I'm a big fan of jeans since it is really practical for daily basis. I tell myself to get more dresses in the future, just because I feel really comfortable in it. Would like to know what you think about the dress. Should I go and get myself more dresses like this?

Have a nice weekend everyone! ;)

Photographed by Cicilia
// H&M Halter Top // Twin's Dress //
// H&M Glasess // Connexion Shoes //

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