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May 1, 2018

What is Virgin Hair Weave Grade 7A 8A 9A Mean?

The only thing that beats a chunk of virgin hair weave is a chunk of “superior” quality virgin hair weave. Yeah, it might seem like a weird little victory to attach so much importance to, but if you pay heavily for the wrong virgin hair weaves you’ll feel the heart break for a while perhaps forever because you would always go back to “That one time I paid so much for a fake weave”
But the heavy demand for virgin hair weaves has coincidentally made room for substandard hair manufactured by brands that seek to provide an “almost original” feel for hair-enthusiasts. Although some of what is sold to consumers is not entirely fake products, they cannot be expressly classified as “virgin” hairs. These less than original virgin hair extensions are commonly classified in grade “A’s”, such as grade 7A, 8A and 9A with increasing quality from the left to the right. This means a grade 9A is much closer to being original virgin hair weave than a grade 7A. But, nobody keeps a lid on these things and as such any vendor could slap a grade 9A tag on her 7A product, and get away with it, and even make more sales than someone selling the original grade 9A’s.
An ideal quality virgin hair weave is defined by the intricacies taken to ensure that all the strands of hair in a bundle are close to the same length, don’t have split ends and they won’t damage easily. So, when you see a higher-grade label, you know more time was taken to ensure sure there are only little or no imperfectionsin reference toreal virgin hair. The current grading system goes from 3ahair to 10a hair and it differs from vendor to vendor. The implication of this is that, amanufacturer’s version of 8a hair may notmatch another’s.In this article, we pull a lot of experts and vendors together to explain what these graded hairs look like and features to expect from each one. This should guide you when you find yourself in the virgin hair isle at a fancy store.
Grade 7A
This is a high grade 100% virgin hair weave with a strong hair shaft. With excellent care, it will last longer than a year. It has a full cuticle and can be colored to a dark blonde and remain in tip-top condition. This is a perfect choice for ladies on the hunt for Brazilian hair or Malaysian hair. This grade of virgin hair is not expected to have shedding or tangling issues and it is great for improving the volume of your hair.
Grade 8A
This is arguably one of the most popular grades due to its high quality at an affordable price. This grade gives a soft and silky texture when felt and is quite voluminous. It’s just what you need if you’re looking to add some style to your virgin hair weave. It comes in various forms such as straight, body wave, sea wave, loose wave, deep wave, jerry curl and more. The hair can be used in quite a few ways, if you are one for lengthy hair, this grade would suit you perfectly. Here’s maybe the best part! It’s common perception that the longer the hair, the more likely it is to tangle but withgrade 8A hair, there is very little probability of that happening.With proper care, it can last wellover 2 years.
Grade 9A
This is the best choice if you’re on the lookout for the highest quality or nothing, it is usually also called the luxury grade. It is 100% virgin unprocessed, raw and direct from a single donor. It is perfect for wigswith thick full healthy hair shaft that can last over 2 years and full cuticle that can be colored all the way to color 613.
However, there are no strict standards for the grades on the wig market. Most of them are made by sellers themselves. So what grade? The best is the one that suit for you.

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