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Mar 5, 2018

Tips on Choosing Best Baby Clothes

Hello! It's me and my adorable little cousin, Marietta Godeliva Alicia. We are really close to each other even though we are 20 years apart. I know I'm more like her aunt than her older sister hehe. She turns 5 this year, I can't believe it. She always be my little baby girl. I just love her so much. She loves taking photo so much. It's us when I snapped some photos for my blog, if you are curious to find what I wore, here's the link

Anyway, I know how it feels to welcome a new member to your family. I always get excited when it comes to prepare everything for my little baby cousin or niece -and I will be more excited if that's my future baby. So, I know it is hard to decide on what clothes or colors would fit your new visitor, trust me it is not easy at all when it's my first time accompanying my family to shop the baby clothes. But that is not a bother because choosing baby clothes is the most straightforward tasks you can do. We know you are excited to welcome your baby and have him look cute besides you. Here some tips that will assist you to get the most adorable clothes for the baby.

Easy to wear
You do not want to get clothes that will take much of your time when you want to go out with the baby. Dressing infants can be challenging, and that is why you should consider clothes with Wide necks and zippers and snaps at the front. Clothes with elastics may also be significant. However, if the clothes have zipper or elastics of snaps at the wrong place, they cause discomfort to the child. Clothes with elastics should have the elastic covered well.

Consider baby safety
Avoid purchasing clothes that have beautiful rhinestones, small buttons, or bows. This is because they are a choking risky to your child. The last thing you want is to choke the baby with that pretty outfit. Additionally, avoid purchasing clothes that have long ties or pull tightly just about the arms of your baby's legs, neck, or arms. If you must buy clothes with decorations, make sure they are sewed on tight.

Do not purchase lots of small size clothes
Babies grow fast. Some outfits will only fit your baby for a few days, and some will not fit the infant at all. Therefore consider getting only a few for the newborn. Instead, try getting some clothes that are one size bigger than the baby. This will help to avoid having all clothes fit the baby exactly. Also, sizes may vary from brand to brand. If possible, consider the weight of the baby when choosing.

Think about the season of the year
It is obvious that it will not be one season throughout the year. That is why you need to have clothes for all seasons from summer to winter to spring. This will help you protect your baby based on the season of the year.  

Washable clothes
 As the baby grows, he will get messy, especially when eating or playing. Consider choosing clothes that you can quickly wash and those that do not hold stains. Garments made from cotton are great for the child as they are comfortable and long-lasting.

Do not forget the socks
You should remember to get socks for your child. This is one of the must-have items. They also get lost easily when you are walking around with the baby. That is the reason why you should have as many pairs as possible. Although it will be some months before the baby starts to walk, you may want to get shoes. If it is a girl, consider buying her baby girl boots. Consider soft shoes because they will feel comfortable.

There are several manufacturers of baby clothes as well as brands. That is the reason you need to be careful when choosing clothes for the baby. We always want the best for our little beloved so I hope this post will be helpful for you who is expecting the baby. 

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