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Mar 28, 2018

Hello Strangers!

Hello there! ;) I have been busy with my upcoming university project recently where we have to give back to the community. Starting next Monday I will be away for a month and have to live in with the villagers - away from city life. I am now preparing the projects that me and my team have planned before. I'm both excited and a little anxious since I will be living with a complete strangers - we have been only known each other not so long ago and I will be doing something I have never done before. I wonder will we be really make a good team or the other way around? Will we accomplished as we plan? I hope we will. 

Anyway, I'm in charge of the educational aspect for children in this project, simply put we will have a tutoring for the children in the area. I love children, that's why I did not turn in down when I was offered in the first place. I want to have fun with them, teach them anything that me and my team can. It has been my dream to do such thing and finally I get a chance. I promise myself I will put my heart on this project. Lucky me, I have one friend that already dabbled and dedicated herself to take part in such project. So, I asked her to help me, since it's my first time. I'm so inspired by her because she is not only teach them how to be a good student but also as a human being. That's my goal actually, so I need her to become my advisor and my brainstorming partner. I hope I can do well. Finger crossed. 

Photographed by Putri Puji Nurani
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