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Feb 14, 2018

One Day Closer

This year's Ash Wednesday is on Valentine Day, as a Catholic it feels just weird but so special. Ash Wednesday date is determined by Lunar Calendar, which is why it changes every year. It's the beginning of Lent which is considered a day to cleanse our soul from sins. I have to say that it's a little bit challenging because today is the day of first fasting and abstinence, so no chocolate, something sweets, nor big and fancy meal on this Valentine. Nonetheless, Happy Valentine! ;) And to all Catholics, let's use the opportunity to remember the greatest sacrifices He made for us all. Let today be the day we reflect and share our thanks to Him.

Today is also our 4th Anniversary, so many things to celebrate today huh? Can't believe we have been together through the ups and downs. I Thank God because it's him, someone who I can rely on and trust in. My closest friends must be know how our relationship in real life is. We are not your hashtag couple goals couple, just your typical people who madly in love with each other. For me, this relationship has always been built on trust, faith, and commitment which is why we have been getting stronger each and every day. 
You know I have a long distance relationship with him. Trust me, long distance relationship is not hard at all when both of us trust and respect each other, or maybe because it's him. Just kidding! It's because we just don't want to take our relationship for granted.  I know it's the time in our lives to chase our dreams. Being apart for good does not matter for me. I have to admit there was a time where I felt bored with this relationship, but I overcame it. I believe it's a process where every couple will go through, but together is always better. Even though when I miss him I can't hug and kiss him, that's okay. I will have more chances to do so in the future. Distance never separates two people truly in love. For me, everyday is a one day closer to each others' arms. I can't wait for the day till I meet him again.

Speaking of which, took these pictures when I was in Pontianak. I have been abandoned them for so long. I just did not feel like editing them out. If you see the background there is a miniature of Equator Monument in Pontianak. This place is located downtown, right in front of the Mayor's Office. Frankly speaking my hometown does not have many tourist attractions, but I have to say the food are tasty. I hope my hometown will be have more of tourist attractions.

The outfit of today's post is something you rarely see before, it's me guys wearing jumpsuit. I bought this jumpsuit because I can envision myself wearing this jumpsuit a lot in the future. I can't wait to shoot more outfit wearing this comfy jumpsuit. This chic set is from my favorite brand, you see most of my outfit is from J.REP. This is not a sponsored post but I hope someday they will sponsor my blog *lol* just kidding. I paired it up with a lighter color of floral shirt and a pair of shoes which match the outfit tone. This is kind of monochrome outfit. You name it.

Photographed by Anne / Fitry
// J.REP Floral Shirt // J.REP Jumpsuit //
// Elizabeth Bag // Connexion Shoes //

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