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Feb 11, 2018

Bandung: Floating Market & Farmhouse Lembang

Happy Sunday you guys! Welcome to the new face of Sequin and Velvet. There's so many changes right? I hope you enjoy reading my entry every time you stop by my blog. I welcome you with my humble heart. I went to Bandung last month. It's been forever since I wanted to go there.I must say it was my first trip with my friends ever. We went there by train which took 8 hours from Yogyakarta. It was 2.30 a.m when we arrived and honestly we did not where to go. So, we decided to go to the nearest Mosque. Bandung was really cold, thankfully it was not rain at all that day. I could not imagine if it was.

We went to Lembang by car. There was a slight problem on our way to Lembang. The google maps guided us passing through the traditional market. The street was narrow! I was about to sleep because I was so sleepy but could not. The situation was a mess. Thank goodness, the people were so kind. They helped us passing by the street. I felt like riding a roller coaster. Fiuh. Finally! I could sleep.

First stop was Floating Market. I did not take so many photos there, my camera was running out of battery and I was busy canoeing. At first I was afraid, I did not know how it works, but I could learn by doing. Anyway, the floating market have so many food stalls and they are all on a small boat, you guys can tell the place itself is Floating Market haha. We ate so much until our tummy full and I charged my camera's battery while we were enjoying our food. The food was not as pricey as I thought it would be, though. My favorite goes to Soerabi. If you happen to be there, what's your most favorite?

After enjoying the viewat Floating Market, we went down straight to The Farmhouse. We got free milk by exchanging the ticket we bought. I chose Strawberry flavored milk which I don't usually like. If you see the door behind this picture below is actually a gift shop but when you go in you will see that there is this place where you can hang the 'love lock' just like in Paris or Korea. I hung my love lock with my name and Wira written on it *lol*.  We did not anything beside taking photos, we then go straight to our apartment. So that was our day. I will see you on next post!

Photographed by Santi / Aldy / Desy
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