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Feb 19, 2018

Yogyakarta: Sunflower Garden

Happy Monday guys! Seems like I can manage my time to blog three times a week as I want to. Hopefully I can keep doing this for a long time. On the last weekend I went to extremely beautiful Sunflower garden near Pantai Samas Yogyakarta, around one hour away from Yogyakarta. We went there at 5 pm, when the sun was about to set. The lighting was so perfect. It's new places in town which owned by the locals.

Feb 16, 2018

Bandung: Chinatown

It's day two of my trip in Bandung. We spent our day in Trans Studio Mall Bandung. Our goal was to ride the famous roller coaster. Unfortunately, there was a maintenance and would be operating the day after. You can say we were unlucky :(

Feb 14, 2018

One Day Closer

This year's Ash Wednesday is on Valentine Day, as a Catholic it feels just weird but so special. Ash Wednesday date is determined by Lunar Calendar, which is why it changes every year. It's the beginning of Lent which is considered a day to cleanse our soul from sins. I have to say that it's a little bit challenging because today is the day of first fasting and abstinence, so no chocolate, something sweets, nor big and fancy meal on this Valentine. Nonetheless, Happy Valentine! ;) And to all Catholics, let's use the opportunity to remember the greatest sacrifices He made for us all. Let today be the day we reflect and share our thanks to Him.

Feb 12, 2018

Dresshopau: Neutral Shade Dresses

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Have you ever been in doubt what to wear to your family's or friend's wedding? I know how it feels. But these neutral dresses I picked up are the answer. These dresses are handcrafted by Dresshopau. These evening dresses are specially made for you. They do have wide range choices of colors. The choice is yours. Are you a fan of neutral shades?

Feb 11, 2018

Bandung: Floating Market & Farmhouse Lembang

Happy Sunday you guys! Welcome to the new face of Sequin and Velvet. There's so many changes right? I hope you enjoy reading my entry every time you stop by my blog. I welcome you with my humble heart. I went to Bandung last month. It's been forever since I wanted to go there.I must say it was my first trip with my friends ever. We went there by train which took 8 hours from Yogyakarta. It was 2.30 a.m when we arrived and honestly we did not where to go. So, we decided to go to the nearest Mosque. Bandung was really cold, thankfully it was not rain at all that day. I could not imagine if it was.

Feb 2, 2018

Wedding Dresses Choices from Millybridal

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Are you looking for wedding dress for your big day? I'm here to give you the best inspirations. Teamed up with Millybridal UK, I chose five different dresses from their website for you. Frankly speaking, this is my kind of dream wedding dress when I get married to my future husband. I want my wedding dress be simple and timeless yet appropriate for the holy matrimony at church, not showing off too much skin.

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