Health and Fitness Trackers: Helpful or Deceptive?

July 27, 2017

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In this day and age, it is impossible to walk down the street without spotting a health and fitness tracker on somebody's arm. Hardly a single wrist is bare when surveying a gym full of people exercising! These devices have become such a craze that any color, material, or style you want is undoubtedly available to you online. Some barely look like pieces of workout gear as they are disguised as watches or bracelets. But do they work?

Overall, the answer to that question is unfortunately quite negative. They do not. However there are many distinct reasons as to why - reasons that when made aware of, people can avoid, thus making the previously negative answer become positive.

Wearing a health and fitness tracker on your person starts out with some obviously positive effects. The wearers of such devices are suddenly aware of how active - or not - they are, and seeing both high numbers and low numbers motivate users to keep it up or get it up! Suddenly, being active seems like the best option as you watch your step count climb into the high thousands range with your calories burned count following closely behind.

On the flip side, this constant reminder gives a false sense of security to the consumer. They feel as though they are now justified to eat as they want. No longer must they watch what they are taking in, because their step counter hit ten thousand around noon and now it doesn't matter what they eat.

Of course, even if you think you have everything together with a tracker, a system like Pure Healthy Living that helps you plan healthier meals without even thinking, things can still go wrong.  That is where such trackers lead to a rapid downfall.

When the owner of a health and fitness tracker feels safe to eat whatever they want because they hit their goal number of steps or calories burned, they fail to pay attention to what they eat. Consuming becomes a mindless and harmless activity. Because of this, such consumers forget to pay attention to the calories they are putting back into their bodies and end up extremely underestimating the number they add up to at the end of the day.

But are health and fitness trackers in themselves a bad thing? Of course not! They are, in fact, a valuable tool that when used effectively can actually help raise the activity level and lower the weight of their wearers. The trick is to not allow yourself to become too comfortable because of these trackers.

A combination of trackers and being conscious about what you eat is ideal. In order to lose weight, there must exist some form of calorie deficit. For example, if you eat two thousand calories in a day, in order to lose weight you must burn over two thousand calories. A health and fitness tracker can play a vital role in knowing whether you are managing to accomplish this deficit, rendering itself very useful. However it is useless without the addition of tracking the calories consumed as well.

The good news is that there are many options to make tracking your steps, calories burned and calorie intake very simple. As stated before, there are numerous options when it comes to health and fitness trackers on the market. Of course if you aren't quite ready to spend a lot on a high end tracker, your smart phone is a great option to keep track of your daily steps and workouts through the Health app! A quick tap on the app store offers up dozens of results for free calorie trackers, although you can also spend a couple dollars to download apps that also show more detailed nutrient facts.
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Don't let health and fitness trackers cloud your vision and give you a faulty sense of security when it comes to what you allow yourself to eat. Instead, let them be an invaluable tool in your weight-loss journey!

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