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Nov 1, 2016

Zaful November Wishlist

Hi gorgeous! I just can't believe that it's November already, meaning it's getting closer to Christmas. Yay! ;) Nice to meet you again, November. Anyway, in this post, as you can tell, I'm going to share to you my new favorite e-commerce. I bet many of you guys have already known this e-commerce *let me know on the comment box below if you have!*. Yes, it's girls. Without further a do, let's jump into it.


I don't have many dresses on my wardrobe. So I think it's time to upgrade my dress collection. I picked these 3 beautiful dresses from Zaful site. They suits my personal taste and these dresses can be worn everyday also to a special occasion. 


Inspired by Noelle Downing who has a wall full of hats I want to make my wall like hers but I don't want to splurge my money on hats, luckily Zaful has wide variety of hats and I found  them still affordable yet so chic. My favorite is in the middle because it looks effortlessly pretty. 


It's been a while since the last time I bought a new sunglasses since it's hard to find the one that I like. Zaful is such a life saver because there are so many chic sunglasses on their site! I even couldn't pick anything just because I want them all! Gosh.

As one of 90's babies, I really miss my childhood memories! Choker was a trend back then and started to make a comeback earlier this year and I think choker games are getting stronger lately. Zaful has so many type of choker from the typical ones to gorgeous choker like I picked out below here. I think I have got choker fever.


I am not accessories person but I want to give this rings a try. I want to make my fingers look prettier. If you are into boho style you may love these rings, they will look good on you! <3


That's all my wishlist for this November. Anyway I will be back to my outfit post also I will try my best to write a fashion and beauty tips on my blog starting this month. I am so sorry I can't post as many as I promised :(  See you until next post gorgeous. I wish your November filled with lots of love and joy.

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