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Sep 23, 2016



Hello gorgeous! :) How's your week? So Friday is here and who's ready for the weekend? This weekend I won't be busy with all the assignments because I have finished some of them and the rests are still on progress which will be done by today. I am going to stroll around the city to take some photos for my blog this weekend. What's your plan this weekend?

Speaking of which, today I am so excited to share my favorites from the best fashion website women in 2016, StyleWe. I came through their site and found myself puzzled. I would say they have oh-so-beautiful pieces. Every piece is crafted by talented and passionate designers, no doubt it will please your eyes. The designers are so amazing, StyleWe helps you to be closer with the designers that's why I recommend you to download the apps on Google Play and Playstore. You'll thank me that I introducing StyleWe to you and you will think why on earth you did not know about StyleWe :) They have so many positive feedbacks from their customer, you can check 'em out here  I have collected 9 favorite items. It will make you extra stylish and comfortable when autumn is here.

Without furter a do, let's just get started. 

First, we stop at the two piece jumpsuit department. They have every occasion jumpsuit, from casual to formal. Just for you. During autumn you can wear your favorite and comfortable sweater underneath.
Since it's autumn, why don't you treasure some chic outwear that will keeps you warm? I have 3 recommended items for you.


Last but not least, these 3 sweater dresses also will make you comfortable during Autumn while sipping a cup of hot chocolate or your favorite autumn beverages :) 


I couldn't decide which one is my most favorite. Please help me, vote your favorite by mentioning it on the comment box below. Anyway, I have so many things to do today, so I got to go. I will see you on my upcoming post, gorgeous! Have a nice weekend. xx

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