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Jul 13, 2015

Dad's Advices: Things College Don't Teach You About

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Hi everyone. I am sorry that I can not post as many as I want here, neither in my instagram. I really appreciate my blog readers, so I don't want to make you dissapointed, you mean the world to me. Because this blog is nothing if you don't come across my blog. I really wish everyone is doing well in everything.

I am currently living in beautiful city with so many good people, called Yogyakarta. When I just graduated from senior high school I wanted to continue my study in a college located in my hometown but, I failed the test so I told my daddy I wanted to continue my study in another city, so I am here now. Living apart from parents and home was fun at the first time, I felt so free, I could go anywhere I like, I could come home at midnight, and anything I like. My life changed since then. I am so close with my daddy, so he always phoned me, as he gets busy he doesn't phone me as many as he did before :( but we do chatting or video call although not so quite a lot :P

I remember what daddy always tell me. Yes, he always tell me everytime I make the same mistakes all over again or he just want to remind me, only dad knows the answer :P. He said "You are growing up now. Even you are a college student I know you learn so many things. But there are several things you don't get in college, but living as a boarder student does."
As a girl I love shopping and can't handle myself when I see something cute, so this kind of habit is really bad. When I have money I can easily spurgle on something I don't need. But I'm not kind of girl who likes to ask my parents to give me extra money. I try to earn money by myself. Yes, I can earn money by myself but the habit of spurlging money makes me STILL don't have much money. That makes me thinking what my daddy always say "If you don't try to control your expenditure, you won't have enough money every months; although if you have 100 millions. You have to spend your small amount of money wisely before having a big one because you will splurge your money on nothing if you don't stop splurging your small amount of money. Try to understand what Daddy is telling you because I want my daughter to have more self-control. You will have a family and when you get married there are more responsibility ahead, you are mature enough to understand, I know. What you are learning right now is for your own good in the next few years and the rest of your life." I really can not get it out of my head. I keep thinking about it which I think this is really best advice my Daddy ever told me and you know Dad, it is beyond true. Because by controlling my expanditure I can learn so many things. Yes, from money management to self-control. So, from now on I try to make my breakfast everyday instead of buying it, so I can start saving my money. Remember, it always start from a SMALL thing :p I learn so many things in college but I absolutely agree with my dad. This point is really true. So, that's what a boarder student like me learn from living apart from parents

 ahh, I almost forgot. Living apart from parents also teach me about to keep my parents trust. Because I think it is really challenging when I can do anything without my parents knowing what exactly I am doing here. I can be a good person or a bad one. Thank you Dad for always trusting myself. You know what I really need is your support. I love you, Dad.

Anyway, because this post is talking about college, you name it. I think this preppy-vintage kind of look is matching the topic. Inpired by school girl, I love this look so much. Button denim skirt is in lately and I scored this denim skirt years ago. I don't remember the precise time. To make it look more classic I paired it up with a simple white shirt. And the shoes, don't they so lovely? I bought it as an earlier birthday present for myself. Please comment down below what do you think about this look. Don't forget to link in your blog url, so I can visit your blog as well. 
See you until next post my lovely readers.

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