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Feb 12, 2015

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

I am a university student and ride a motorcycle everywhere. When I have a leisure time, I always spare my time to take some photos for my blog, mostly outdoor. And, if I have time to go on vacation and it is a bright sunny day I love sightseeing the city, going to the beach – like I did two weeks ago–, or just hanging out with my friends. That’s why my skin gets exposed to sun rays every day. Sunlight has ultraviolet. Small amount of ultraviolet radiation is good for our health, because it is important to produce vitamin D. But, doing too many outdoor activities can be harmful for our skins and make our skins darker.

Everyone must know ultraviolet can cause a cancer, sunburn, and many more. So, how to have fun under the sun and do outdoor activities without feeling worry? Here I am to introduce my everywhere stylish companion: Marina UV White Extra SPF 30 Body Essence. Discovering Marina Body Essence has been a life saver. Of course, it should be right up there for my daily skin essentials.

You can give Marina Body Essence as your gift to your dearest girl friend too
Having a healthy good looking skin (read: white and bright skin) is every girls dream. Only eat healthy food and drink enough water are just not enough to keep our skin hydrate. Body lotion is the most important skin essential for girls. That’s why we should choose the right body lotion product for our skin. The benefits of using body lotion, are:
1.      Keeps our skin moisturize
2.      Prevents our skin from dullness
3.      Protects the skin from UV A and UV B

Marina Body Essence has so many benefits for our skin. Marina UV White extra SPF 30 Body Essence contains Superfruit Acai Berry (which has high anti oxidant), SPF 30 and PA++ (for UV A & UV B protection –very recommended when you are doing outdoor activity), the substances keep me away from redarkening. Not to mention the 10x White Yogurt Boost nourishes my skin to help my dull skin looks brighter. To be noted, for the maximum effectiveness I apply Marina Body Essence at least twice a dayMarina Body Essence also smells good, the aroma is so relaxing. It is such an aroma therapy when my schedule is so hectic that can boost up my mood.

I want to share my experience with Marina Body Essence that makes me love it so much. I have shared my pictures when I was at the beach two weeks ago Feel the Breeze, haven’t I? After my trip to the beach my skin was getting darker. The sun rays at the beach are stronger than other place. I know what I should do to make it brighter. I bought Marina Body Essence from the nearest store around my home. And, you know, it really works. Yeay! My skin is getting whiter and brighter. I have been using Marina Body Essence ever since.

Marina Body Essence fits my favorite mini bag.
Now, it is my everywhere companion, particularly for my outdoor activities. I always bring my very stylish Marina Body Essence in my bag (I bring a 70ml Marina Body Essence, it is so handy), just in case I need to reapply it if I stay at the outdoor longer than I should.

I proofed it myself, now it’s your turn girls. You don’t need to worry the price is really affordable for such amazing product from Marina. It’s getting much more fun to do outdoor activities because of Marina Body Essence. Yippieee J

 So, what are you waiting for? Go and grab it right now my dear! J

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