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Jan 12, 2015

Positive Vibes

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2014 has been a great year yet was not easy. You and I might have been through so many things, happiness and sadness. For everything that happened in 2014, I count it as blessings. I try to let go all things that make me unhappy.
I achieved my goals in 2014 and there are resolutions I want to achieve in 2015, and so do you.  Earlier this year, my blog has just reached 100+ followers. In last December, I earned money from my blog and I keep getting e-mails to have collaboration with some brands. I have never imagined I can take my blog to the next level. My boyfriend used to hate my blogging life and when all I could think of was blogging. Now, he is fully support my blogging life. I proofed him that I can do something positive for myself.
Many times I ask myself why I started to have a blog. I realize it was not about fame so people can recognize me that I am cool. I need a space to express myself, a space to show the world who I really am. I don’t know if should mention this on my blog, but I think I should. I don’t know either, if it’s me who takes this overreacted or my casual acquaintance in campus. I have a problem in my campus. I remember that time when I was walking down the corridor at my campus. Someone yelled my name and I saw he sat on the bench at campus lobby with a couple friends. Then he said “Do you want to go to campus or go to mall wearing such outfit?” and the rest started laughing at me. I exactly still remember what I was wearing that day. I was wearing casual outfit –black pants, shirt, black shoes, denim jacket because my shirt is sleeveless, and backpack- and until now, I still don’t know what I did wrong wearing that outfit in campus. I mean, I did not even wear something that show off too much skin or inappropriate. I was crying all day long after getting bullying by my friends, since then I don’t want to show up or attend classes. It was not the very first time they did it to me, the first time they tried commenting how I dressed to campus I didn’t mind, and I am sure that was not a casual joke, not at all. I mean I had enough with all those things. It is way too harsh for me. I tried to speak about this to everyone I thought they could help me, but they did not even understand. They said it maybe was a joke, but they even don’t know how much I was hurt. They were laughing at me, I felt so upset. How come they did that? 
Every time I do blogging, I forget about all the things that upset me. I am becoming more positive. As time goes by I finally realize that my passion is fashion. In blogging, I get inspired by gorgeous and kind-hearted bloggers. I am now working on a project to make my dreams come true. I know my blog lead me somewhere I really belong. I know it is not as easy as I flip my hands, but I believe I will through so many incredible things. I am ready for my journey in 2015. Are you?

Please, watch the video above after reading my entry. I hope you enjoy watching it. This video tells about bullying that happens in school & campus. Let’s share if you care about someone out there who might be hurt because they are being knocked-out. 

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