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Jan 28, 2015

Feel The Breeze

I'm back with my vacation trip post darlings. After a long time, I finally was able to have a vacation with my boyfriend and my fellows. We planned yesterday was to spend at beach. I’m hitting the beach in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta for the first time in 2015. Beach is a peaceful place, everyone loves it, I know. Strolling along the beach, feeling the warm sand, listening to the deep grumble of the sea waves, I felt so wonderful. The sweetest escape before continuing my business plan,

Wediombo Beach
Our first stop was Wediombo beach, the farthest beach in Gunung Kidul. It took 3 hours to get there from Yogyakarta. Wediombo is one of the beach which located in Gunung Kidul. We were there to take some pictures instead of swimming or sunbathing. There were not so many people when we came there, there were only a few of local people who was fishing and a couple of local tourist, just like us.

Crystal sea water and warm sands

Jungwok Beach

Next stop was Jungwok Beach. Unlike the other beaches in Gunung Kidul, Jungwok can not be reached by motorcycle, as we knew before, Because we did not know that there was a motorcycle way, we went there by feet and pass through the paddy fields. But it was worth taking, the beach was so beautiful and nobody was there which made it like our private beach, at least until a group of youth were coming. At first we wanted to swim at Jungwok beach, since there was a prohibition to not swim at the beach, we ended up just spent the day sightseeing the beach, sunbathing and of course took some pictures. 

What a beautiful scenery

Flower crown. Tank Top. Hot Pants. Flip Flops. Perfect.

Le boyfriend's and my happy feet

Pok Tunggal Beach

The beach was really crowded. There are a lot of people and eatery. We went there to eat before going back to Yogyakarta. We decided to swim at Pok Tunggal beach too before the sunset. It was a fun trip.

If you are curious how beautiful the beaches are, I recommend you to go there by yourself, these three beaches should on top of your must visit list when you visit Yogyakarta! :) I recommend you to try another beaches in Gunung Kidul too, beacause there a lot of beaches.
Anyway, thanks for reading this entry. Have a good day a couple day ahead before weekend loves.

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