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Aug 22, 2014

Time Machine

Logo Plaid Shirt | Exit Jeans Denim Short | Gosh Wedged Sneakers
I know right, it took almost six month for me to publish this photos on my blog. I really want to post them, tho. You must have seen a few of this photos on my instagram. And yes, finally it's here. :) This photos were took place in the most famous historic sites Lawang Sewu (located in Semarang, Central Java) when my friend and I went to vacation. It's my second visit it when I took the photos. My hair much longer than it was when these photos were taken. I got that chubby cheeks. Gee. That's when I realized I am getting fatter post surgery and feel healthier. Time does flies. 

These days we can easily share our thoughts. You know, what we say is a reflection of ourselves. As a matter of fact latter-day many companies require us to give the information of our social media when we apply for a job at their companies and that’s all for a purpose. I used to put up a rude status on my social media when I was angry with someone or situation. It was a long time ago until I realized that somehow I might influence who reads my status. I was like everyone should know how I feel when I am mad or when I am down. I finally stop being a drama queen on my social media. I mean my mood should not dictate my manners even on social media. All I want to do now is being a good influencer for those who are on my circle. Not to mention that this way simply can help me to control how I feel when I can’t control what comes out of other people’s mouths about what they say.

So here it is my vacation outfit. What should I say? I love simple essentials when it comes to choose my vacation outfit. Convenient to wear yet eye-catching. Dressed up in plaid and denim short and my favorite black wedged sneakers.... ta-da! the simplest way to go. Or sometimes I opt to wear dress and flats or sandals if I want to make girlish combo. All those essentials are in my must-have items. Tell me your favorite vacation outfit folks! :)

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