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Jun 28, 2014

Dressing To Impress Yourself, Not Others

Adele Tosca Necklace | H & M Black Shirts | Gifted by Twinnie Lace Tosca Skirt | Elizabeth Loafers

The thing that irritated me is some people just DON’T know how to respect others. Ya, most of them always give a critic or a mock at someone else for example who appears or acts kinda “different” from them. Hey, everyone have a rights to express themselves on their appereance. It’s not big deal if a girl love to wearing heels or always put make up on her face, if you don’t do make up or wear heels, please respect others who does.  Why do you always hurt someone’s feeling with your comments without thinking the other’s feeling? They dress like that to please themselves not yours.

By the way the weather here in Yogyakarta is really good, no more super hot sunny day. How I miss this weather since it was really hot and feels like we already have an earlier summer. But gloomy day did not make my excitement for taking  pics for my blog down. And this bright tosca skirt is just perfect for today. This skirt was given by my twinnie. She picked a pretty color and the cutting of the skirt is really good. Thank you so much twinnie. I love you to the moon and back.*eewwww
And good news for me is the next Friday my twin is coming here to Jogjakarta and I am so happy with that. Will be post a holiday entry with my twinnie. I know some of you who does not blogging but still read my entries and I know most of you must be have a Google+ account. Now you can follow my Google+ account the follow button is on the right side (make sure that you are using Google Chrome).  Feel free to follow me on Google+ and my instagram to always catch up my latest entry. J Well, enough for this post. See you gorg readers! xx

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