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Dec 10, 2013

Things We Should Thankful For

 What I Wore: Red Velvet Dress - JREP Clothings, Watch Gift From Mom, Black Strap Heels - Laluna
Photographed & Edited by Mathen Bartolomeus Eko

There are so many things happened in my life lately. But Thank God, I am here still alive and healthy. Have you ever felt so blessed in your life although you through a worst time in your life? I have learnt that the pressure in our life is what makes us. Thank God for everything that we have been through, such as happiness, sadness, ups and downs in our life, and the things that we do not want to happen in our life.

I have been meeting some new people recently because I am volunteering myself to do some project with a doctor in RSUP Sardjito, Yogyakarta. My job is to encourage people with ASD (Atrium Sentral Defect) who afraid to undergo some medical examinations for their own good. Girl, if you love your life, you should treat your body right! Because our body is such a greatest gift from God for us since we were born. Some people may be 'unlucky' for suffering from an illness, but at least we should be grateful for what God have given to us.
And what I learnt for being a volunteer is that we can share and give what we have. No, it is not about money. You can give your time and your mind to people who really need your help. I am so happy I have an opportunity to live my life to the fullest. I just love helping my doctor to encourage people with ASD, because I have been there. I know how it feels. No, it is not because God hates me or something, it was His way to show me that He really does love me.

I mean, you know if you have read my blog post since the very first time, I have undergone the scariest thing in my life. It was open heart surgery and I still can not believe how I could passed it. If you always complain little things that you do not what to happen in your life, let me tell you, you are the lucky ones. You are healthy and surrounded by people you love. So many people out there that might be wanted to be you, girls! :)

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