Melodious Houndstooth

June 23, 2013

Hello everyone!! :) Happy Sunday. This week I'm having so much fun. There's so many things I could do with my friends. I'm so happy because my friend is so kind to me, yesterday we were going to took a photo shoot at Candi Sambisari (I just knew the Candi yesterday) and the result is way pretty cool. Thank you guys for having me yesterday. I really had a blast. I keep counting for the days to pass, because I can't wait to coming home. My twin says she wants to meet me as soon as possible, it doesn't mean she wants to see me or something. She wants to wear my baby girl (READ:  my shoes). How cruel she is. Hahaha. Can I just fast forward to holiday? I wish I could.

Wearing: D.I.Y Headpiece, Peplum Houndstooth: Local Store, Fuschia Pants: Zara, Wedged Sneakears: Gosh

These photos were taken by: Vero a.k.a Badau

I just found out that I'm featured on my twin's IG. Hahaha. You busted Anne. You really miss me, don't you? :P Here is the proof:

See you until next post, perky readers! :)

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